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Chef Nikko

My personal story

Life, Faith, Confidence

Actively studying neurological bio-nutrition for over 35 years and over 16 years of private in home culinary service to a handful of celebrities, high profile clients and pro athletes. I am a naturalist, vegetarian and herbalist from birth.


Now I provide mindset guidance and emotional intelligence training to develop positive health life skills. As well as, nutritional techniques to handle the challenges of a mass produced grab & go world. 

I am passionate to coach and teach my community as there are a number of 

areas to support health. I focus on the path ways leading to what I call Luxury  

lifestyle management and planning. The empowerment of urban and city communities starts with how, the proof, and the evidence to feel the results of nutritional coaching.

Science teaches you that our gene profile is the controlling device to optimal health, but health teaches science to bow in the face of nutrition. Therefore, in the first 3 months of the year 2020, I toke the the time to quantify 25 year of data and research and wrote a book called "Nutrition Fit Only The Strong Survive". Developing what is now called by my reader, the best nutritional hand guide of the 21st century! 

Private Chef Nikko LLC is a nutritional coaching & consulting agency based globally and serving all virtual platforms. Some of the services include nutritional coaching, mental health coding & charting (MHCC). In addition, the agency consults clients on how to build functional nutrition, how to build plant based performance in the body, and how to build healthy new cells in the brain & heart. For a deep dive in nutrition, head over to, and get on our calendar, by booking a free 15 minute discovery call. I look forward to adding value to your human performance.


Peace & Positive Breath

Chef Nikko

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