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Atomic Nutrition Academy


I am Chef Nikko and I welcome you to this brief tour of The Atomic Nutrition Academy where our goal is to share with you a few unique nutritional guides, secrets and scientific codes that will help you restore your body and mind to the balanced state that Nature intended.


I look forward to sharing with you a number of special scientific, dietary and culinary breakthroughs that you are sure to find interesting.


Join me please, 

~Chef Nikko~




Hi, I'm Chef Nikko!
So good to have you here.  

I am a author, and as a profession I am a ICF certified nutritional coach and consultant for over 26 years, and I help CEO's, entrepreneurs and the general public live a more healthy balanced life through mindset work, emotional well being training, food plans & nutrition. I measure the improvement of human performance through STEM Nutrition by charting where plant-based electrical energy wants to go, layover or settle in the human mind and body.

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My Podcast

Lessons of Life:

Things I've Learned,

Nutritional Moments

I Cherish, Let's Have a Conversation.

Here's some food for thought, to improve your health and wellness you'll need a modern day health equation. nutritional moments + education =

some amazing conversations.

That's why I'm so excited to share with you a new podcast that can help you achieve your goals! The Atomic Nutrition Academy podcast is packed full of information and tips from experts in the field. Whether you're looking to get fit, eat better, and even invest in cryptocurrency this podcast has something for you. All conversations are designed to support your body with plant-based electrical coding from an atomic and cellular perspective. YOU MATTER!...So tune in today and start feeling better tomorrow!

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We're all walking around as adults with that same programming all day long. Telling us who we are, what our limits are, what's expected of us in this world.

Have you heard that the mind goes through 60,000 thoughts a day and the subconscious mind is controlling about 95% of all your thought behavior. Are you curious about the latest heart mindset and nutritional trends? Do you want to learn how to slow down your brain waves and connect with your heart, eat nutritious food, get fit, and feel your best? If so, then you'll want to sign up for HMN (Heart Mindset Nutrition) certification. This comprehensive 3 month online group course is designed to help you achieve a personal mental health heart connection and nutritional goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain a wealth of emotional intelligence training, or simply improve your overall self care coherency. The resources in this course work will guide you every step of the way. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Commit To Your Approval


"If I offered to change your life in 24 hours, would you take me up on that offer?" ~Chef Nikko~

1: 1 coaching just got magnetic. Learn how to control your energetic field where limitless possibilities flourish. 

Let's get active!

Did you realize that you could be happy for no reason at all. I'm talking about the FREEDOM of happiness as a state of mind. Your BREATH is an intelligent, self-organizing, self-directed energetic structure. Learn the master control mechanisms for this WORK including chemical reactions, movement of energy, emotions, mental abilities and healthy body functions.

Connecting within an elevated state of being from day to day supports our emotional health. Feeling good about your body, feeling good about your mind is what this is all about. All activity in the body needs this information, because information carries functional meanings. These meanings turn into feelings and these feelings are the vocabular of the body. 

Therefore, if your having a tuff time with your heart connection and you need some emotional intelligence training. This 3 month 1:1 coaching program will increase your happiness and  build a more productive mindset. We will co-create solutions to champion you into your future!


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"Coaching with me is like watching chocolate cookies bake"

You'll enjoy living the process, every step of the way.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your BIGGEST food challenge?

  • Does food cause you to body shame?

  • Where do you feel stuck with nutrition?

  • What are you food lifestyle goals?

  • Why are you interested in working with Chef Nikko?

  • Why is right NOW the right time to start coaching?    


You know you're in the right place if:

  •  You're ready to over come food fears and nutritional confusion

  •  You're looking to build ATOMIC NUTRITION confidence

  •  You're to do the work and change the brain and body

  •  You're getting to know your health better and to gain more clarity

  •  You're whole-listically loving you with the audacity to take it to the next level

  •  You're looking to take action towards your purpose to eat better to live better

Private 1:1 coaching is a weekly commitment and a mental investment which includes
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  • Weekly one on one coaching with Chef Nikko

  • Mental Health Coding & Charting (MHCC)

  • Access to functional nutrition course work

  • Mobile support

Consult Your Doctor And Physician Before Taking On Any Health Programs
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Richard Yeargin lll, 2x National Champion, Speaker and Intercollegiate Recruiting Coach

I find The Happiness Is A Choice 1 on 1 coaching to be an excellent self care tool. I'm impressed with the topics of information and breath work. The coaching covers everything about nutrition. Overall, I would highly recommend everyone sign up today!


Kim Anthony, Founder and CEO of Urban Philanthropy Network, Inc.

I am so glad I tried the private 1 on 1 coaching. Not only does it generate high quality online training, but it also helps you sleep better and loss weight! Seriously, who doesn't want that? Thanks Chef Nikko!

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Dr. Andrea Anthony, Trauma  Coach

The energy coded smoothie plan is amazing! It helps me think better and increase energy daily. The best part is that the grab and go plan is easy to follow, and works great with my busy lifestyle.

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