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Is There a Wrong Way to be Healthy?

Some people believe in one way of living healthy while others feel like they can take care of themselves in their own unique way.

Healthy eating is not a one-size-fits all approach. Imagine if someone told you that the only way to eat healthy was by following their diet plan? You would be pretty upset, right? It's important to remember that there are many different ways to reach your health goals and it should be up to you which path you take. In this blog post I'll discuss some of the common misconceptions about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and provide tips for finding your own personalized balance between fitness and nutrition. Here at the Atomic Nutrition Academy we created a health term call "Nutrition Fit." This amazing new concept can flatten the curve of nutritional itineracy for the past 80 years, by focusing on the path ways leading to what we call nutritional lifestyle management and planning. For a deep dive into this unique approach, go check out the book written by Private Chef Nikko, "Nutrition Fit Only The Strong Survive."

Create healthy in your own life, then share it with as many people as you come across. Even though everyone desires to be healthy, there are two key fact that turns many people off from being healthy.

  1. Education because what you don't know, you don't know, right?

  2. Discipline, an everyday challenge for us all, but it starts with setting small daily goals, achieve them and clap for yourself that you got it done!!

Think of this as an ongoing conversation where you can share your comments, updates about your personal goals, trends, news, and more. We are here to listen and partner with you!

Metabolize with Ease

“Science teaches you that our gene profile is the controlling device to optimal health, but health teaches science to bow in the face of nutrition."

There are so many ways to be healthy. But do we really know what health really do you know? Because health is like a road map without any street names. Meaning if you are just following lines on a map without the definition of those lines(street names), then getting lost along the way will happen more often then none. There are so many different opinions on what makes someone healthy. Some people believe that being vegan or vegetarian is the only way one can truly have a sustainable diet for their health because meat has higher levels of cholesterol and saturated fat than plant-based foods does. Others may say that the best form of exercise would be running marathons because it doesn't require any equipment at all and can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour which will make them healthier overall by losing weight over time. The truth is, structure, we all must have structure on our individual journeys toward health.

The meaning of healthy

Health is one thing, but "healthy" is a result of a consistent action. The human brain & body co-create an amazing relationship through rhythms and regulations. There are moment in the human brain & body were a group of elements can become off balance. Normally, this is due to poor food selections, poor sleep, and an injury prone style of exercise. So let's take a step back from it all for a moment and look at the word healthy from a plants perspective. Because It all boils down to rhythms and regulations, as these are two key elements to growth. Therefore, if we as the community of "The Atomic Nutrition Academy" were to plant a tree. The definition of healthy would be explained in a simple 3 step growth process.

  1. The ROOT represent the rhythms and regulations creating a deep connection from with in...right?

  2. The NUTRITION is the soil that the roots need to electrically connect through fluvic minerals in the soil

  3. The word HEALTHY being the result of growth in action. Sprouting and reaching out like tree branches to give and receive more of life's elements of health.

Now we have some simple structure on what healthy is, the key is finding what works best for you and your lifestyle, therefore think twice before following the latest fad diets, trends, or workout routines. What might work for one person may not work well with another- like eating carbs and sugar instead of gluten free and dairy free foods. We all know that getting enough sleep and drinking rosemary water are important. Practice is what make permanent, so start right by just doing it! The question of how much and for how long, you can ask while you in action, thus bringing the answer into your life more effectively. The love is in the education and nutritional information. As we explore some tips on how to keep yourself healthy without stressing too much about it! #chefnikko #nutritionfit #mentalhealth


“The internet is full of articles, options and new age theories about what constitutes effective health. Recently, I've come across a few questions that seem to be focused on the idea that's there's many path ways to one single solution."

In the world of health and wellness, there are a lot of different ways to be healthy. Some people believe that eating one meal a day is the best way to lose weight. Other people think that drinking green juice every day is the only way they can stay energized and full of life. But what if you've found your own personal system for staying on track with your fitness goals? What if you like exercising in the morning before work because it sets you up for success all day long? Having a growth mindset gives your mind & body an opportunity to be heard in a different and unconventional way. There's no wrong answer when it comes to being healthy; as long as you're happy and feeling good about yourself, then that's all that really matters!

And for a deep dive in nutrition head over to and get on Chef Nikko's calendar by booking a 15 minute free discovery call to explore how you can naturally boost your overall daily human performance.

Get Inspired

"Health is expansionary, if we stop progressing nutritionally & educationally we are not truly alive."

"Your health is full of potential waiting to manifest."

"Everyone has a food lifestyle that can be strengthened, a body that can be in movement and a journey to begin. You are here to activate the power within yourself and remove the barriers blocking your nature state of health."

Peace & Positive Breath

~Chef Nikko~


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Chef Nikko is a nutritional coach and consultant for over 26 years. He has coached many clients, including celebrities, athletes, business professionals, and families with children on the Autism and Seizure Spectrum. Chef Nikko also teaches culinary skills to at-risk adult & youth in the community.

He feels great about helping people live healthier lives through nutritional food choices that are sustainable without feeling deprived of taste or variety!


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