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Trusted Partner of The NFL Retired Players Congress!!!

Updated: May 23

Private Chef Nikko LLC Joins The Retired NFL Players Congress.

The Retired NFL Players Congress welcomes Chef Nikko, Our Nutritional Expert, onboard as a "Trusted Associate" as it expands into fields beyond Sports Apparel, manufacturing and importing.

The Staff and Members of the Players Congress have been involved in Health and Wellness solutions as an advocate for former players and fans for more than a decade now. The nutritional programs and education that Chef Nikko now brings another foundational pillar to our Health and Wellness Colony.

Excited to Announce

“Private Chef Nikko LLC, is the trusted partner and nutritional expert of The NFL Retired Players Congress."

Connecting The Dots

American, including former athletes, both young and old, struggle with a number of health conditions that are diet related today. Chef Nikko is a true natural nutritional guru who incorporates the science of nutrition with a new approach to food that restores the human body as we have never seen before.

Please join us in recognizing this amazing new "Trusted Partner" of the Retired NFL Players Congress. Consider scheduling consultation with him to learn more about STEM Nutrition.

Bob Grant,

Retired NFL Players


Position Yourself to Win

“To support health and wellness, you have to work smart, or you have nothing but empty content."

Get Inspired

"Success isn't owned it's LEASED, and rent is DUE everyday" -JJ Watts-

"Nobody who ever gave there best regrets it" -George S. Halas-

"Today I will do what other won't so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't" -Jerry Rice-

Peace & Positive Breath

~Chef Nikko~

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Chef Nikko is a nutritional coach and consultant for over 26 years. He has coached many clients, including celebrities, athletes, business professionals, and families with children on the Autism and Seizure Spectrum. Chef Nikko also teaches culinary skills to at-risk adult & youth in the community.

He feels great about helping people live healthier lives through nutritional food choices that are sustainable without feeling deprived of taste or variety!


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